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Not quite a kennel, just a home overflowing

In the beginning (1969) there was a Collie that a young woman bought(me) while still in high school.  The "breeders" said it was a show collie because it had a full white ruff.  Guess what?  It was not a show dog but "Trevor" got me hooked on dog shows and after graduation from a two year college with transfer to a four year and teaching in mind I took what was suppose to be a summer job in a kennel in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvannia.  Well, I stayed for a year and a half, fell madly in love with Airedale Terriers plus learning a trade(Dog Grooming)which has supported my family and dogs all these years. Also, this happened to be the kennel of Barbara Strebeigh, one of the most noted supporters of the breed and I had the pleasure of meeting Ch. Bengal Sabu who was a pivitol foundation sire for the breed in the 60's and 70's.
I also learned that it is quality not quantity that matters the most in breeding good dogs.  Barbara could have sold countless puppies but while I was there she had one litter from which my first Airedale Terrier came from.

All these many years I have been committed to breeding better dogs, not just dogs.  Health and temperament are the most important virtue but that can be combined in a dog that looks like it is suppose to look.  Every breed has a standard of perfection. All good breeders are working to keep to the standard, ever looking for the PERFECT example of the breed. All dogs, wether pruebred or mixed have genetic(inherited) defects that can be screened for by never breeding until the parents have met the genetic standard of being free from the defects that the breed carries.  So many people who breed only for the money do not want to spend the money on genetic testing, saying they are only breeding pet.  My answer to that is that all dogs be they pet or show deserve to live a life free of pain and suffering because of the ignorance or greed of the breeder.  Do your homework!! Buy from a breeder who knows the problems in their choosen breed and screens for them.  And for the deliberate mixing of breeds claiming hy-bred vigor, THINK, if you breed a blind lab to a blind poodle, the puppies will be blind!!!

My home is my kennel. My dogs are all house dogs, puppies are born in the bedroom and raised in the kitchen. From birth the puppies travel back and forth with me to my grooming shop staying in the kitchen area until they are four to five weeks old when they come out to the grooming shop to be spoiled by my customers and get the very best in socialization.  They begin their journey to being housebroken and learn to walk on  a leash.
I only sell my puppies with limited registration to be spayed or neutered and I will ask as many questions of you as you do of me.  These dogs have been my life for more than half of it and they will go only to good long term homes.  To people who really want a dog for the next 12 to 14 years and understand the responsibility and expense of dog ownership.

The Airedale Terrier is not for everyone. They love to dig, they are counter surfers,waste basket raiders, paper shredders.They can totally turn you off as if they were deaf especially when called to come. They believe that they are your best friend, not your servant.  If you want a dog that will immediatley jump when you say jump, don't even consider an Airedale. A fenced yard is a MUST because if given the opportunity to hunt they will, taking off for the wilderness to find rabbits, woodchuck, squirrels, SKUNKS, fox, deer and the like.  They cannot be trained to stay in your backyard.  AIREDALES NEED A FENCED YARD!!!

 Like any dog they require years of training(Airedales love agility) but the Airedale has a sense of humor that makes it a joy to have or a pain in the butt unless you, too, possess that sense of humor(they really don't take life seriously).  Then you have a wonderful friend and companion that will do their best to make you laugh.


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